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Since young, Charlie has an obsession with worms. So much that one would find her reading up on worms, doodling worms all over the place, on any surface she could find and eating... gummy worms (haha!)

Back to the doodling part, grown-up Charlie has discovered that there is an endless menu of surfaces to explore and the human skin really stood out. Finally, after years of deliberation and a bunch of courage, Charlie is ready and set to take her worms and her entire encyclopaedia of quirky illustrations to new heights. 

The latest addition to our studio, Charlie is ready to take on simple blackwork pieces!

photo 13-5-24, 2 22 04 pm
photo 20-4-24, 5 03 58 pm
photo 18-5-24, 3 30 52 pm

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Updated April 2024

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