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For the aspiring tattoo artist seeking an apprenticeship,

before you hastily shoot us an email, please take time to read through these:

What you're about to read might be discouraging for some but it is not our intent to throw a wet blanket over your dream of becoming a tattoo artist.


We've all been there before  –burning with passion and longing to be given one opportunity to show what you are capable of. Now, you just need to start somewhere, like everybody else who might be seeking for an apprenticeship; who claims to love tattoos since forever; who might be an art school graduate with indisputable talent and portfolio; or a working-class high-flyer, giving up the iron rice bowl to pursue a dream; or even one who might lack these credentials but has immense humility to make up for it and is willing work three times harder than everyone else.

So, whether you possess a compelling story, a fiery passion or a distinctive resume, there are several other stuff that will make the email you're about to write an appealing one to respond to:

1. Who are you writing to? That's the person you're looking for as a mentor and whom you should be addressing in your email. A tattoo apprenticeship is nothing like taking a course in an institute and there isn't a department handling applications, which means,


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