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Cruelty-Free Tattoos

We strive, as best as we can, to choose our tattoo supplies consciously. The main components used in the tattooing procedure such as our inks, stencil-lotions, transfer papers and aftercare lotions are all certified and/or to the best of our knowledge cruelty-free. However, for those who might be inclined toward a 100 percent vegan-friendly procedure, we cannot guarantee that every single item in our disposal would align to your request.


A non-refundable deposit (varying between $100-$200) will be collected by your artist:

  1. in order to secure an appointment
    This deposit will be deducted from the final cost of the tattoo. The deposit will be forfeited during no-show or cancellation of appointment. An additional deposit will be required to book another appointment.

  2. and/or to commission for customisation of design
    This customisation fee is non-refundable and is not included in the final cost of the tattoo.

Customised Tattoos

If you are looking for a customised tattoo, we will be most willing to be involved in the creative process. Do approach one of our artists whom you think is most suitable for the design or style you are looking for. Most of us have distinctive styles but we are always open to new ideas and explorations. Vagabond Ink specialises in customised tattoos, a deposit is required in order for the drawing to commence. While you have the right to change your mind about getting the tattoo, this compensation for the time and effort our artist spent on drawing is nominal. A subsequent deposit may be requested upon:

  1. multiple changes in design

  2. complete change in direction, style, concept.

  3. complexity in design

Tattoo with ready-design

If you have a design of a tattoo that you wish to get done, simply contact any one of the artists directly. But if you are unsure or are not particular with the artist, you may send an enquiry at with the design attached, and we will appoint an artist who is most suitable for the style and according to your budget.


How we charge

Every artist in Vagabond Ink has a different rate, depending on experience and style. We do not honor nor practise overcharging (local or foreigner) so be assured that we will not make you pay more than you should. Vagabond Ink is known for its diversified range of tattoos done with clean, sterilised equipment and quality inks. We offer tattoos at lower costs during periodic promotions or events that are posted via facebook and/or blog. Other than that, we do not entertain bargaining.



Most of the time, we charge by the hour and a same artist may have different rates for different styles of tattoo ; a similar tattoo may cost differently by a different artist. We start charging at the start of the time of appointment. This includes preparation, stenciling and drawing time necessary before the actual tattoo begins. A percentage* of the hourly rate is charged during the time spent waiting for customers who are late. The standardised minimum cost of a tattoo is $150, regardless of design, artist or style.

*This amount is not fixed, may vary and is determined by the respective artist.



Please respect your tattoo artist and the value his/her time. Deposits are non-refundable. Additional deposits will be required to make another booking.



Tattoos with colors naturally cost a little more than just black/grey ones, so do not be too surprised to fork out at least 20% more if you are looking for a colored tattoo. Some asian skins do not take colors as well as others, in fact we cannot guarantee the outcome of colors for most asian skins as compared to caucasian skins. It is our responsibility as tattoo artists to inform and advise our customers of the various possibilities of various colors and even alternatives if need be. Unfortunately, if you do not already have colored tattoos done previously, there isn’t a definite way of finding out how colors would turn out on your skin except to try it.



Touch-ups are not necessary for all tattoos especially if you follow the aftercare instructions carefully. However, if you feel that your tattoo is in need of a touch-up, do not hesitate to get in touch with your artist. A nominal fee (starting from $50) is required to touch up a tattoo done in Vagabond Ink. Complementary touch-ups may be offered at the artist's discretion. (Not applicable for tattoos on wrist/hand/foot/neck/elbow/knee). We also do touch-ups for tattoos that are previously done outside Vagabond Ink at regular hourly rates that vary depending on size, complexity and with different artists.


Safety and hygiene

We only use sterile single-use/disposable needles and tubes. All furniture and instruments are sterilized each time they have been used, if not periodically. Vagabond Ink is committed to provide safe and hygienic services in a clean and congenial premise.



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