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Thank you for allowing us to tell your story. What unites Vagabond Ink and at the same time differentiates us from the rest is our perception of tattooing. It is more than a job or a technique. We take pride in making sure that everyone who walks into Vagabond Ink goes home with something that is timeless.


We have put together this section with all your favorite questions answered, as well as a bunch of tips and information that may be useful before you jump into you next tattoo.

If you are looking for a customised tattoo, we will be most willing to be involved in the creative process. Do approach one of our artists whom you think is most suitable for the design or style you are looking for. Most of us have distinctive styles...CONTINUE READING

Wear & Tear

Let’s face it. Your wrists go through a lot every day! Rubbing, twisting, creasing, stretching, lifting, straining, etc. so it can be quite a difficult heal for some clients, depending on their employment or their daily lifestyle. If you have a heavy duty job and want a tattoo right on the bottom of your wrist you should definitely consider the healing. Even if it’s “just a small tattoo”, you still want it to heal properly and look good! At the very least you’ll want at least a few days of ease on the area right after getting it done....CONTINUE READING

Do not go to your appointment hungry, get lunch /dinner accordingly or even a quick bite just before the session. Go feeling energetic and strong, this is like a massive work out for the body and it needs fuel for the session.... CONTINUE READING

Very grossly underrated, good aftercare is essential, primarily to prevent infection and to expedite a smooth recovery of your new tattoo. On top of that, practising good aftercare will help your new tattoo to heal up nicely, minimising the need to return for a touch up (which is neither mandatory nor necessary for every tattoo, contrary to the popular belief).

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Gently wash away any ointment, blood and/or plasma and to completely clean the area. Do not use a washcloth or anything abrasive.... CONTINUE READING

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