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Do not go to your appointment hungry, get lunch /dinner accordingly or even a quick bite just before the session. Go feeling energetic and strong, this is like a massive work out for the body and it needs fuel for the session. You can bring along some snacks and drinks with you like chocolate bars or snacks for breaks in-between session!

Avoid getting sunburnt before a session. There will be problems tattooing the skin if it is red and sunburnt. The redness in the skin is due to blood being very close to the skin and it will actually be inflicting more damage on already damaged skin. The blood will thin out the ink as we try to put it into the skin and will not have the best results of the tattoo.

Ensure that you are not feeling ill or unwell. Generally, the tattoo process is a lot more manageable when your body is in a tip-top condition and simply a mild flu can weaken your threshold of pain. Even if you are unfazed by that, do give us the heads up and consider making yourself look silly with a mask that everyone in the studio will thank you for wearing.

Have plentiful rest the night before an appointment. Do not come in lethargic and sleepy thinking that you can sleep throughout the tattoo session. Chances are, you will feel more pain during the tattoo session instead of falling asleep.

Observe good hygiene. With our weather in Singapore it's inevitable to perspire but do prepare some wet wipes. You don’t want to end up being sticky and uncomfortable throughout your tattoo session.

If you are capable of removing any bodily hair in an area where you would have your tattoo put, do so in advance. We are prepared to do this if need be, but using disposable shavers will take up more time and could probably hurt more!

If you are coming in for a long session, consider bringing along something that you might use to pass the time, a book to read, an ipod, etc..

Dress appropriately. If you are wearing a dress to be tattooed in the small of your back - realise you may end up undressing for your tattoo session. You can wear or bring a change of clothes which allows for easy access to the area you intend to have tattooed. Keep in mind that the placement of getting tattooed should not be obstructed.

DON'T drink liquor or take drugs before going in to be tattooed..  Avoid using pain killers(which are blood thinners) before going in for a tattoo session. Bleeding more will only serve to go against the procedure of putting ink into skin. Drinking alcohol should be avoided at least 1 to 2 nights before the session.

Advise your tattoo artist of any drug prescriptions you are taking. Be prepared to advise your tattoo artist of any conditions (eg. skin allergies, eczema)  you may have which you think could in any way, influence the tattoo procedure or healing. If you have any skin conditions, do consult your doctor before getting a tattoo.

You are strongly recommended against getting a tattoo while pregnant or nursing.

For our female clients, do note that your tolerance of pain may be compromised during or close to your period.



Compiled by the VI CREW.


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